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BMW 540i M-Sport Performance. back to BMW 540i page back to page index. Rancho Santa Fe, California, July, 2005 . 2003 BMW 540i M-Sport, Sterling Gray (click to enlarge) The fun of driving a 2003 BMW 540i Sport is beyond my poetic ability to describe. It's fast of course, but also luxurious and nimble. If it does, perhaps all that is needed is for BMW (Bosch Motronic) to get the software right and remember the positions of the throttle sensor and idle air control valve that provide the desired idle RPM ( within a range of + 200 and - 0) so as to prevent stalling, (rather than to delay engine deceleration as indicated in other posts). :ghug: Oct 08, 2020 · Step 1, Clean and inspect the vacuum hose. Remove the vacuum hose and inspect closely for wear (cracks or weak spots), then clean out the carbon deposits either with a spray can of carburetor cleaner or with a pipe cleaner if the deposits are hardened or compacted.Step 2, Inspect the EGR valve for damage. Loosen any bolts fastening the EGR valve to the engine. Inspect the gasket lining the bottom plate of the valve. If it's not frayed or cracked, you can reuse it.Step 3, Clean the return ... If valve cover is stuck, pull up on free front end of cover and right side vent pipe neck to break gasket bond on remainder of valve cover. Pull up rear left cover cables to allow cover removal clearance. Maintain valve cover perimeter gasket with cover. Valve cover perimeter gasket will stick at rear half moon dips due to RTV sealant. GO TO MY WEBSITE AND BMW FORUM !!!https://www.nathansbmwworkshop.comCLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR NEXT CAR PARTS FROM MY AMAZON STOREhttps://www.amazon.com/shop/inf...

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Removing the idle control valve (ICV) / idle speed actuator (ISA) is possible due to the motorized throttle body the M54 engine uses. Disconnect the idle control valve connector and either remove the idle control valve and plug the hole in the intake manifold (preferred) or use something to seal the idle control valve air tight. DIY on my 2002 330i. Shows how to remove your ICV

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FIX CODE P1504 P1508 IDLE SPEED CONTROL VALVE BMW E46 E39 E60 E53 E83 X3 X5 Z3 Z4If you have BMW and you have code P1508 Idle Control Valve Opening Solenoid ...

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valve, but if the system valve does not have this feature, it can be ordered in the pump. The disadvantage of having the bleed in the pump is that there is a continuous loss of this bleed flow through the pump control even when the pump is operating normal. Load Sense Control Good things to Know 1. Rough idle or stalling: If the plunger is stuck open, the PCV valve will allow too much air to enter the engine. This can cause a lean air-fuel mixture, resulting in a rough idle or stalling. 2. Illuminated check engine light: The powertrain control module (PCM) monitors the engine’s air-fuel mixture via oxygen sensors. If the PCM detects a lean or rich condition caused by a bad PCV valve, it will turn on the check engine light. The pneumatic throttle control assembly is used to position an engine's throttle lever in response to an air pressure signal from the treadle valve. The assembly contains a throttle cylinder, mounting bracket, throttle lever and spring.